Oooh! Look at that one! by Tanya McDonald

August is a long month, but you’ve only got 3 more weeks to submit your haiku/senryu to Kingfisher. Thank you to everyone who has already sent poems. If I haven’t responded yet, I will soon.

What am I looking for? Please check out the submission guidelines here: For a visual representation, I offer a photo that I took on a wildflower hike at Columbia Hills State Park in Washington. After several hours of admiring the balsamroot, lupine, and other flowers in bloom, I discovered that there were fascinating rocks to be discovered, too. I’m sure the rocks surrounding this one were interesting in their own ways, but this one in particular caught my attention. (It’s still there if you want to try to find it for yourself.) Now, I realize it’s not a perfect metaphor for selecting poems for Kingfisher, but it caught my eye and was worth pausing to photograph it, and I hope that the poems I’m selecting for issue #8 catch your eye and make you pause as well.

I look forward to reading your submissions!

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