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Sweet Peas Please by Tanya McDonald

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Annual Subscription 2022

Artwork for issues 5 & 6 by Aidan Castle

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Artwork for issue 6 by Aidan Castle

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Artwork for issue 6 by Aidan Castle

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Artwork for issue 2 by Jessica Sebok

Artwork for issues 3 & 4 by Annette Makino

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Since international postage rates have gotten so expensive, I’ve created a PDF of Kingfisher #5 and will be doing the same for #6 shortly after the print version is published. The digital version has all of the content of the print version, but without the paper or postage costs. (I will add previous issues when time allows.) The price is $10. Click on the appropriate button below to make your payment, and once I receive your payment information, I will email you the PDF. If you want it sent to a different email than is linked to your payment, please let me know at

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