Petal by Petal by Tanya McDonald

July was a very busy month for me. After fifteen years in Washington, my husband and I moved back to our home state of Oregon to be closer to family. Now instead of gazing out my window at sword ferns beneath a red Japanese maple, I look out at the upper branches of paper birches, cottonwoods, and Oregon ash trees. Once this heat wave subsides, I’m anticipating being distracted by birds in said trees as I read Kingfisher submissions.

That’s right! Submissions for Kingfisher #6 are now open! Please check out the submission guidelines because I’ve changed a few things since February, including my response time for submissions: I will respond to all submissions, but it might take a bit longer than usual due to various events this month (including the imminent birth of a niece), so I ask for your patience. I will respond as promptly as I am able.

Submissions close on August 31.

I look forward to reading your poems!

One thought

  1. Congratulations, Tanya, on your recent move. Some years ago, I spent a week between Seattle and Portland. The weather was perfect, and the flowers were blooming. I’d like to return but my IRA manager wouldn’t allow it! We spent too liberally in the past.
    You are doing a great job with Kingfisher; the only things missing are some haiku from me.
    Best wishes,
    Barth H. Ragatz

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