The cherries are blooming, the woodpeckers are calling each to each, and I’m pleased to announce that the Spring 2021 issue of Kingfisher is at the printer! Their technical wizards will be creating a proof copy, and after I approve it, then the official printing begins. If all goes well, I should receive a hefty box of journals around the beginning of May and start mailing them out soon thereafter.

Issue 3 contains 166 haiku & senryu by 116 poets from 13 different countries. Because I received more submissions than for either of the two previous issues, yet wanted to keep the same basic length of the journal, I had to turn down more poems and poets than before, which is my least favorite part of being an editor, however necessary. I’m grateful to everyone who sent poems, and if I didn’t accept yours this time around, please try again with a new batch when submissions for issue 4 open on August 1.

A new year means new cover art for Kingfisher. Although I was sad to retire Jessica Sebok’s gorgeous kingfisher from issues 1 & 2, I commissioned a new kingfisher collage from Annette Makino and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out! For more information about Annette and her artwork (and her haiku), please visit her website:

If you’ve already ordered a copy of issue 3 or a 2-issue subscription, thank you! If not, here’s a link to the ordering page: Please make sure you order the correct item(s) as there are lots of options. If you click on the wrong PayPal button, no worries. Just send me an email and I’ll sort it out. Prices are as follows (and include shipping):

U.S. single copy: $12

U.S. 2-issue subscription: $20

International (including Canada) single copy: $18

International (including Canada) 2-issue subscription: $30

There’s a donation button at the bottom of the page should you wish to contribute. International shipping is ridiculous right now, so every little bit helps get Kingfisher into the hands of folks in other countries.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your continued support of Kingfisher! Take care!

In Full Bloom by Tanya McDonald

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