Neighbor’s Irises by Tanya McDonald

An update on Kingfisher #5. The layout is finished and in the proofreading stage. The cover is ready. All that remains is writing the editor’s note, then I’ll be sending it to the printer. If you are interested in ordering a copy or a subscription, now is the time  I will be placing my order with the printer in a few days, so if you want to get in on the first batch of copies to be sent out, please place your orders by April 4. The more copies I’m able to order, the cheaper they are per copy, and the cheaper they are per copy, the less I have to charge subscribers for them.

There are still copies of issue 2, 3, & 4 available for immediate shipping. They make lovely gifts and traveling companions. Guaranteed house-broken and vaccinated.

A few people have mentioned that they can’t or don’t want to use PayPal, so through much trial and error, I have added another payment option with Stripe (though only for issue 5 onward). This is the first time I’ve used Stripe, so I hope all goes smoothly. I acknowledge that it’s a bit convoluted, and I will try to figure out how to streamline it, but I’m a poetry journal editor, not a web designer. If you have any difficulties with it or any other payment methods, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, I accept checks drawn on U.S. funds (no PayPal or Stripe fees). Checks should be made out to Tanya McDonald (not Kingfisher). My address is on the ordering page: 

Also, I will be creating a trial digital issue of #5 for international folks since postage costs have risen to ridiculous levels (it’s currently $19.20 to mail a single copy of Kingfisher to Australia). More details, including pricing, will be available around the end of April, so please check back then.

Thank you for reading. It’s because of your support that this journal is entering its third year! As ever, be well and please tell your friends about Kingfisher.

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  1. I enjoy receiving it each time — and am so looking forward to the next one! – Dianne

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