I hope everyone is doing all right in spite of everything 2020 is throwing at us. The submission window for issue #2 closed last week and I’m in the thick of reading and responding to submissions. (Thank you for your patience!) In case you’re curious, for issue #1, I received submissions from 144 poets. This time, I received submissions from 209 poets. I’m grateful to get to read so many submissions, but since I’m aiming to keep this issue of Kingfisher the same size as the last one, that means I’ll be sending out more rejections than last time, which is the least fun part of being an editor. Especially during a pandemic. In any case, please mark your calendars for the next submission window, which will be January 1–31, 2021. In the meantime, there are many fine journals that are (or will soon be) open for submissions including Hedgerow, The Heron’s Nest, Modern Haiku, Wales Haiku Journal, bones, failed haiku, and Prune Juice, to name a few. Please check out the Resources page for links to these and other journals for your reading and submitting pleasure: https://kingfisherjournal.com/resources/ Stay safe, everyone, and take care of each other!

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  1. Receiving updates from a journal is something new for me and I really appreciate it. Another example of the way Kingfisher stands out. Not only is it generous in promoting other journals, but also gives followers a thumbs up for the next submission window and what to expect. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for this update, dear Tanya…and for the sensitivity of it, too! Good luck with choosing…I’m glad to hear you are keeping it the same size…that size is so perfect…the horizontal orientation fits in the hand and the pages flip so nicely.  (Thanks for your email about my voice recording; I’m so glad you enjoyed it.)The best to you,Mimi 

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