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Kingfisher #7 is here!

cover art by Igor Dyda

Another issue of Kingfisher is out in the world! Woodinville PRINT shipped the copies to me in a big box last Monday. They arrived at my house on Tuesday afternoon and I spent all of Wednesday morning getting copies ready to mail. In case you’re curious, this involves printing address labels and attaching them to envelopes, stuffing each envelope with a copy of the journal, sealing each envelope, and affixing postage. I’m a solo operation, so it took a while, but by mid-afternoon, I was ready for a trip to the post office. I use for domestic shipping, which is so, so much faster than standing at the post office counter for 2+ hours like I used to do in Woodinville. More work on my end, but completely worth it!

This year’s cover art is by Igor Dyda, a talented photographer whom I was fortunate to meet during my trip to Chicago in February. Kingfishers are surprisingly difficult to photograph, so to capture one so crisply is very impressive! You can view more of his photos here:

There are still lots of copies looking for homes, so if you’d like to order one (or more!), you can do so here: Kingfisher fits in jacket pockets, in glove boxes, and on even the most cluttered nightstand tables. It likes to accompany readers to appointments which involve waiting rooms, on trips to pick up the kids from school or sports, and yes, even to the bathroom, but not in a weird way. It doesn’t need to be stowed during takeoff or landing, it’s got your back in socially awkward situations, and while it can’t give you a physical hug when you’re having a rotten day, the poems inside will let you know you’re not alone and that there are wondrous things in this world.

Enjoy the issue!

Submissions for #8 open on August 1st.

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