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Corner Cherries by Tanya McDonald

There’s been a tiny delay in getting issue 5 off to the printer. Let me explain. I’m pretty light on subscriptions this year (down by around 100 from last year), and after I received feedback from a few people that they wanted a different payment option than PayPal, I set about trying to make that happen. (Note: I am many things, but I am not a website designer, or at least I’ve had no training in it. This is why people usually pay experts to design their websites for them, but I’m either too cheap or too stubborn, so I fumbled through my own website design with WordPress.) Anyway, it took several days, some bursts of profanity, and a chat with a helpful tech at WordPress, but I finally have more payment options: PayPal, Venmo, and credit card. Subscribers can also pay by check (which I actually prefer because there aren’t any fees.) Please check out the new ordering page and if you have any questions about your subscription status, email me at kingfisher And for those of you who’ve already ordered 2022 subscriptions, THANK YOU!!

I’ll have Kingfisher #5 ready to send to the printer by the end of the week, and I’d love to be able to bump up the quantity that I’m ordering, because the more copies I order, the cheaper it is per copy, which helps keep this journal afloat.

In case you need some extra enticement to order a subscription, here’s a list of everyone who’s in #5. And did I mention that the 2022 cover art is by Aidan Castle? (Check out his gorgeous kingfisher art here: Thank you for your support!

Poets in Issue 5

Adrian Bouter 

Aidan Castle

Alan S. Bridges

Angiola Inglese

Antoinette Cheung

Ash Evan Lippert

Ben Oliver 

Benedict Grant

Bill Deegan

Bob Redmond

Brad Bennett

C.R. Manley

C.X. Turner

Carolyn Hall

Ce Rosenow

Chad Lee Robinson 

Charles Trumbull

Christine Eales

Connie Hutchison

Dan Schwerin

Dave Russo

David A. Berger

David Käwika Eyre

David McKee

Daya Bhat

Deborah Bowman

Deborah P Kolodji 

Denise Fontaine-Pincince

Earl Livings

Emily Fogle

Fay Aoyagi

Francine Banwarth

Genevieve Wynand

Gideon Young

Glenn G. Coats

Goran Gatalica

Hifsa Ashraf

Ian Gwin 

Jacquie Pearce

Jared Del Rosso

Jeff Hoagland

Jennifer Burd

Jenny Fraser 

Jim Kacian

Jo Balistreri

Joan Torres

John Barlow

John Hawkhead

Jonathan Roman

Judson Evans

Julie Schwerin

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk

Kat Lehmann

Kelly Sauvage

Kristen Lindquist

Lee Gurga

Lew Watts

Lorraine A Padden

Louise Hopewell

m. shane pruett

Mark Gilbert

Mark Teaford

Marshall Hryciuk

Mary Stevens

Matthew Caretti

Matthew Paul

Meg Arnot

Melissa Clarke Ward

Michael Battisto

Michele Root-Bernstein

Michelle Schaefer

Mike Gallagher

Minal Sarosh 

Mirela Brăilean


Nick Hoffman

Nicky Gutierrez

P. H. Fischer

Patrick Kitchen

Paul Hendricks 

paul m.

Ram Chandran

Réka Nyitrai

Rich Schilling

Richa Sharma

Richard L. Matta

Richard Tindall

Rick Tarquinio

Robert Lowes

Robert Moyer


Ruth Holzer

Ryland Shengzhi Li

Sam Blair

Samo Kreutz

Scott Wiggerman

Sean O’Connor

Sharon Rhutasel-Jones

Shloka Shankar

Simon Chard

Srinivas S

Stephen Toft

Stuart Bartow

Susan Antolin

Susan Farner

Terri L. French

Thomas Powell

Tia Haynes

Tim Roberts

Tom Bierovic

Tom Sacramona

Tyler McIntosh


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