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Submission Reminder!

Up, Up, and Away! by Tanya McDonald

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the end of August! That means there are only a few more days to send in your submissions for issue 4. Complete guidelines can be found here,, but in a nutshell, what I’m looking for is 5-10 of your best haiku/senryu. I’ve read over 2,200 haiku thus far in this submission period, but we editors are a greedy lot and are always keen to read more (at least I am). Send me your gems, send me the haiku that you believe in, send me haiku that wow me with their juxtaposition. You’ve got until the end of the day on August 31. I look forward to reading your poems!

And to those of you who’ve already submitted, thank you! If I haven’t responded quite yet, I do apologize. I’m running a bit behind and am responding to submissions in the order in which they were received (along with juggling a few other projects). Feel free to ping me if you’re worried that I might not have received your submission, otherwise, I’m grateful for your patience.

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