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Update on Issue #2

Snoqualmie River Trail by Tanya McDonald

Autumn is in full swing here. Leaves are changing color and abandoning their trees, our yard birds are going through seed and suet at a faster pace than a month ago, and I’m working on the layout for Kingfisher issue #2. Sequencing the poems took a bit longer than expected, mostly because I’m a perfectionist and I wanted each poem to resonate with the ones around it, rather than compete.

Issue #2 will include 185 haiku/senryu by 118 poets. I’m sure every editor has their own method for sequencing poems, but here’s how I go about the task:

And there you have it: sequencing in a nutshell. I’m not sure exactly how long layout will take, but since I’ve got the template from issue #1 to work with, it should be easier and faster this time around. I’ll post another update once it has gone to the printer. With any luck, I’ll start mailing copies around Thanksgiving.

Speaking of copies, there are still copies of issue #1 available for purchase, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Enjoy the rest of October, and if you’re in the States, please vote!

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